The situation :

Big news for Russian football: Moscow is going to have a new football club! Our task was to develop a logo and identity for a new football club – FK Moskva City

The solution :

Moscow already has 5 major football clubs with strong history and identity. The challenge was to create from scratch a strong, bold and impactful identity that would stand out from rival teams and embody the Moscow spirit without resorting to obvious imagery.

There is no stronger symbol of Moscow than the city itself which is why we were heavily inspired by Moscow architecture. The logo combines the letter « M » which reminds us of the swallow-tailed Kremlin wall, and the famous Seven Sisters- a group of seven skyscrapers in Moscow.

For the colours we chose gold after the onion domes of Russian Orthodox churches and white after the original colour of Kremlin. The gold, black and white combination is bold yet elegant, and radically different from the city’s other football clubs.

What we did :

  • Creative Concept
  • Brand Identity­
  • Global Communication