The mission :

To build a new brand in the niche of ready breakfasts and cookies. At its core, the product itself, its unique form: flakes in the shape of paws and fangs and cookies in the form of dinosaurs’ eggs, as well as in the form of animals themselves. Therefore the brand name was chosen «Dinosaurs». Our primary task was to create a main hero who would evoke positive emotions. Next step was the work on the design of packaging.

The solution :

3 heroes were created: T-rex, Pterodactyl and Triceratops. After the consumer testing it was decided to choose the T-rex as the main character, and to remain the other dinos as supporting characters. While creating the design of the packaging, we were inspired by nature, the jungle.

What we did :

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging

Team: Rustam Usmanov, Daria Sobolyanova, Galina Kuznetsova, Dmitry Agapov & Charles Salmon